Posted in September 2017

If you want to start a fight, you have to take a swing!

If you want to start a fight, you have to take a swing!

Give parents the right to make an audio recording with social workers.


I am petitioning the government to make it a legal right for parents to audio record meetings with social workers. Currently they disallow this even though it is our human right to do so, and more than that it is NOT illegal to do it.

I have been involved with social services and they caused me to have a nervous breakdown in 2015. They kept making allegations and wouldn’t let me defend myself or record meetings.

Eventually, two years later, I got a solicitor and informed them in writing I would record the whole meeting and it would not be edited. I would send an unedited copy of the recording to the other people at the meeting. Also the recording was for my own use, for any court proceedings or taking legal advice. I would not distribute it on the internet. This is allowed under the Data Protection 1997 Act, and the Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights. There is no law saying I need their permission. I am not a data controller so I am not bound by the act. I also have a disability which means my short term memory is affected due to an accident, as well as being dyslexic. This practice is against the The Equality Act 2010.

Under the Human Rights Act Article 10 we have a right to freedom of expression. Social workers don’t want parents to have this right so there are many miscarriages of justice in family court. I have experienced this first hand and feel I need to fight for parents in the UK to protect themselves from unscrupulous social workers.

There is in fact a set of guidelines for them to follow but this is the best kept secret in the Universe. It’s called the Transparency Project and it shocks me at the lack of common decency as well as openness that the social services has. It shows a contempt for parents, which is tantamount to bullying.

So what do I need? 5 email addresses of people who support my initial petition, then I am going to get 100,000 more and go on TV to get them.

If you feel you can support me, or know anyone who does, please follow this link to say you support it.

Thank you.



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