Here is Louie Le Chi.

© Candace James

© Candace James

I adopted Louie in January from the Kennel Club Chihuahua Rescue and I just want to encourage you to always rescue an animal from a rescue centre or shelter.

I am his forever home now and we are all totally in love with him.

Louie wants to be a registered Pets As Therapy visitor and I want to raise awareness that Chihuahuas are NOT a toy, fashion accessory or a commodity to be traded.

There is a lovely scenes in the film Beverley Hill Chihuahua where the Chihuahua leader explains the way the Chihuahua breed sees themselves.

Not many people are aware of this fact but the Chihuahua is the nearest genetic relation to the wild Wolf. Once you live with a Chihuahua you will understand that in fact this is very accurate. To be honest the Chihuahua is not for everyone as their needs are massive for such a small being. Louie is like having a toddler in the house again and very demanding of kisses, cuddles, walks, playing with his toys and training. Jane from the kennel club Chihuahua rescue said to me that only certain people deserve a Chihuahua, I understand what she meant now. I deserve Louie because I want to nurture him and include him in my life. The Chihuahua is also the dog with the longest lifespan and the average is 15 years (they live between 12-20 years).

The two main bonuses of having Louie is he is very portable and gets carried around shops, and secondly he is so cute he (and I) can get away with it.

Louie makes people smile and start conversations. I can only say that I have had him since January 2014 and I am still wondering whether I rescued Louie or he in fact rescued me!

© Candace James

© Candace James

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