CGI taking the pixel; don’t believe the hype

When you watch anything with CGI the trick is to go… “Wow” then remember you are being sold a dream.

Don’t believe the hype.

Don’t get me wrong I love CGI. I mean truly LOVE it. I am a sci-fi and fantasy fan but I always remember that CGI is only someone’s imagination and that will never replace the truth; the truth that nature and real life can never be replaced with a computer programmer’s make-believe.

As a programmer my first qualification in the digital-arts was ‘C’ then I learnt OOP (Object-orientated Programming). I am hooked on anything binary and adore clever coding.

But, nothing moves me more than nature. Remember all things that CGI offers, nature offers it in abundance. We all need to get out and experience the world of flora and fauna in a more real way. Let me offer you an example. Recently as I sat in my favourite chair I smelt roses, that gorgeous sweet, heady smell of divine olfactory satisfaction. I hadn’t sprayed a room fragrance or seen it on a film… no, it was a vase full of roses from a friend’s garden. Real roses with a perfect real aroma.

I fill my house with cut flowers from the florist then I think… I should grow these myself and whilst I’m at it provide the butterflies and bees with food. I’ve rescued three chihuahuas and think… I should go to the animal shelter and volunteer.

Nature and all its glory are more than any CGI I can imaging or programme. I’ve got an 18-year-old kid and I’m trying to teach her to embrace nature more and social media LESS.

Okay I’ve got a proper fascination with Augmented Reality (AR) at the moment but truly I value nature over anything that can be turned into a pixel.

You choose which one you prefer but maybe this evening or this weekend get out into your garden or the forest or the county or the park or the animal shelter and tell pixels they are less than (<) nature and nature is more than (>) anything simulated on offer.

Embrace flora and fauna and tell CGI to pixel off!

Nature vs CGI.

Nature vs CGI. Ding Ding Ding… Nature wins.

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