Disrupt the balance of everything

Summer schools are an important place to share your data collection method and get feedback from your peers.

Mine is experimental ethnography and one that hopefully will gain momentum with the release of the Microsoft Hololens 2. Collecting qualitative data needs to have a kick up its derrière.  Innovation in education is essential if the UK is to compete globally and make university a place for people to think up creative ways to solve societal problems. What excites me and gets me out of bed every morning is the thought of being different and upsetting the balance of everything.

Being different is easy if you don’t care what people think. It is easy if you have an imagination and want to create solutions to things that make you angry. As John Lydon said “Anger is an energy”. Indeed it is, however what every angry researcher needs is a champion/s, people who can see what you want to do will be good.

I guess there are two types of people, senders and goers! I’m definitely a ‘goer’ but without my champions encouraging me and giving me their time and knowledge, I wouldn’t be going anywhere. So it is to them I owe all my thanks.


Using mixed reality to collect qualitative data.

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