March for all captive circus animals.

Getting ready to march for all captive circus animals this Sunday 2nd October in Manchester is my absolute pleasure. We are making our presence known during the Tory Conference so hopefully we will be deemed as adversaries.

If we don’t stand up for our fauna bretheren who will? I am passionate about captive circus animals as we are supposed to live in a civilised western society where over 90% of  British citizens do NOT want to see animals being forced to perform in a circus. It’s time for the Conservative (coalition) Government to be sensible for a change and pass this resolution to ban the use of captive circus animals for all the great Britons who don’t want animals used and abused anymore at the Circus.

I love Captive Animals’ Protection Society as they are truly committed to seeing the ban on the use of animals in circuses and having met them can honestly say this is one of a handful of charities I give my money to…

So if you can be around this coming Sunday 2nd October to join us please come along =:)

So for now, I can make my banner, and yes it will feature some shocking pinkness, and yes it will be cute and non-aggressive but hopefully say a thousand words as I stand shoulder to four-legs with my fauna brothers and sisters.

painting the banner for Sunday

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